grapeseed oil for complexion

Grape seed oil, cold pressed, is a product of recent date, although wine and grapes is consumed since antiquity.
Used for internal use is a nutritional supplement recommended for prevention of many diseases and Fighting as the vascular, heart, vascular fragility, allergies, low immunity, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's, keratoses, psoriasis, depigmentation, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, its principal trump is the powerful effect because of its antioxidant compounds: zinc, copper, vitamin E, and F, linoleic acid found in 67%, oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic .
Having a powerful effect anti-aging,   its on a regular use visibly improves of the cells functionality, relieving some diseases of the nervous system, keeping skin, heart and blood vessels young and healthy. The most powerful antioxidant effect it has oil obtained from the red grapes seeds, the oil which contains procyanidins, substances with an antioxidant effect 20 times more powerful than of C vitamin and 50 times more powerful than E vitamin.
Treatment with grape seed oil is recommended for a long time, a year or two, can be successfully used in the kitchen due to its content lows saturated fat, only 5%. Grape seed oil can successfully replace the cooking oil and is recommended especially for salads. To have the desired effect amount consumed daily should be about 20-30 grams.
In cosmetics, grape seed oil is a powerful ally against aging of the skin. Used as such or content of cosmetic products, this oil has a powerful emoilent  effect, hydration of skin, giving it the elasticity, glow, relieving of the wrinkles. Having a light texture is very quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and oil free.
For very sensitive skin or the complexion with  problems  is recommended a medicinal oil obtained from the flowers of marigold, chamomile and grape seed oil. The ingredient is mix and let soak a period of 4-6 weeks in a cool and  dark place, then filter the content. In order not to spoil of the oil, use only receptacles and spatulas made of glass, plastic or wood. Avoid the metal!
The high salt, non-iodized, in combination with grape seed oil, over which is dripped the lavender essential oil or pine is a natural solution for a therapeutic bath.
Mixing the grape seed oil with fresh yolk obtains an ideal mask for cleft hairor burnt as a result of repeated dyeings or extended use of hair dryer. For maintaining the suppleness and glow your hair mix 2 tablespoons of grape seed oil with the juice of one lemon and apply using a buffer the mixture all over length of the hair. Leave to act half a hour and then wash your hair as usual. These treatments have a greater efficacy if applied on wet hair.
An efficient capillary tonic can be obtained by combining the following elements: 50 grams of grape seed oil, 100 grams of ethyl alcohol in dilution of 70%, ie 70 grams of alcohol and distilled water 30 grams, 30 grams of flowers arnica, popularly is called coltsfoot and 20 grams of pine or peppermint essential oil. The mixture is left to soak for 7 days after is strain and apply on dry hair insisting on the roots. Leave to act 30 minutes, then wash hair. For a greater effect, you can add in the mixture and 20 grams of chamomile for blond hair, walnut leaves for auburn hair or  dark.
The beauty of skin depends on the exfoliation corrects of it. Would be ideal that at least once a week to do this procedure and if you use a natural exfoliation is better. Mix one teaspoon of grape seed oil with a teaspoon of ground coffee or a teaspoon of corn flour and proceed at an energetic gommage of the face for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off and apply a moisturizing cream or the grape seed oil.
The mixture of grape seed oil with coffee can be used for body skin exfoliation, helping to ameliorate of cellulite.
With so many uses, the grape seed oil is proving to be a real elixir of youth and health, a reasonable product as price that can be buy from supermarkets or from shops with naturist profile. The only thing to keep in mind when you buy is that the method of obtaining of the product is cold pressed  and no the classic refinement, which uses very high temperatures, destroying the all active substances in product.


  1. ineteresting oil, it is a natural product

  2. Enjoy reading this article. I've been using grapeseed oil for sometime but have not been consistent. reading this article helps me to commit to my journey and commitment to one tablespoon daily. Thanks for the good read.